$ 550,000 - Car Lost Control

Oberlin Ohio lawsuit when a 16 year old was struck by a motorist. Call if you have been in a car accident and deserve compensation - (216) 771-1144

Awarded for the wrongful death of a 16-year-old pedestrian struck by a car that lost control and left the roadway in Oberlin.

Negligence is a legal construct that is the foundation for most car accident lawsuits. If you've been in a car accident and are looking to sue another other party,  you've heard the term "negligence" before. If you think there is a negligent party, call us and we will help you through Ohio's legal system.

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“We couldn’t have been better represented or treated with higher respect and professionalism than how G&S treated us. They were responsive, honest, respectful, and communicated every detail whenever we asked about anything we were unsure of or didn’t understand. It was an honor and pleasure to work with G&S and just knowing you folks at your firm. Truly a classy, grade “A”, 5-star company. G&S has changed my life along with that of my family’s life with the outcome of this case.”

Sean B.
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